The Patient Safety Measurement Unit (PSMU) supports the delivery and success of our national patient safety improvement programmes, such as the Patient Safety Collaborative.

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How will we measure patient safety improvement?

The PSMU will:

  • measure improvement over time to show change and impact 
  • make measures easier to use and interpret 
  • work towards a balanced set of measurements, incorporating safety and quality 
  • include measurement of engagement and collaboration 
  • provide insight into the impact of our improvement programmes and helps identify opportunities and priorities for future improvement

What will we do with what we learn?

As a result of this measurement, we will:

  • assess the impact of the improvement programmes, reporting progress through analysis of national and regional data 
  • support key areas and topics of the improvement programmes to develop effective measurement plans and analyse and interpret their data
  • work with regional PSCs to develop local skills in measurement for improvement and provide support through central data collection and analysis
  • maintain and develop the existing five NHS Safety Thermometersopens in a new window
  • contribute to the wider development of patient safety, trial new approaches and work with academic and other partners  

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