Add, Update & Remove Measures


Measurement Metrics can be accessed by:-

Visiting the PSMU website:

Pressing the Login button and entering your username and password. If you don't have these, please contact the PSMU via this email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Once logged in, select the Workstreams menu item, select Maternity & Neonatal and click on the MatNeo Improvement Portal menu option.

That should bring you to the following screen where you can click on of the Manage Data button shown below:-



Having clicked the Managing Data option, you should come to the main measurement page shown below where you have the options to print, add, edit and view all you measurement metrics data.



The measurement metrics are connected to your organisation's improvement plan(s), plus the primary and secondary drivers that make up your plan.


You can filter by clicking on the plan that you focusing on and/or by the drivers in your plan(s).


|as you select or deselect the improvement plans or drivers, the number of measures displayed below the filers fluctuates accordingly.


Having applied the correct filters, you can scroll down to the relevant metric and select the '+Add Measure' button 




If you add the numerator and denominator values, the system will calculate your measure rate value.


You might find it faster to key-in the Measure Rate Value. If you do so, the system will prevent you from entering the numerator and denominator values.


If a metric is labelled as a Linked Data Group, updates to that metric will be synchronised across all improvement plans so it need to be added once.


Some measure will not be expected to be completed monthly, ONLY update them if you have completed a new survey.


Some measures are marked as Centrally Processed Data. these are generated centrally by the PSMU team.


if you feel that you have too many or too fee measures, you can review and update the primary and secondary drivers in your improvement plans and that will filter through into your measures.