Patient Safety National Workstreams

Three national workstreams form the backbone of the work of the Patient Safety programme.  The Patient Safety Measurement Unit supports workstreams to evidence improvement and assess impact by:

  • developing measurement frameworks and accompanying operational definitions,
  • data sourcing
  • interpretation
  • data management
  • analysis and visualisation

Click on the links below to learn more about measurement in each workstream, view associated data and, where relevant, complete your data collections


Reduce avoidable harm and enhance the outcomes and experience of patients who are deteriorating across England through improved recognition, response and conversation

Maternity and Neonatal

A three-year programme to support improvement in the quality and safety of maternity and neonatal units across England.

Safety Culture

Through the culture work stream, we aim to help create the conditions that will enable health care organisations to nurture and develop a culture of safety.

Medication Safety

The medication safety dashboard is a tool for supporting West of England AHSN to identify best practice, opportunities for improvement and supporting spread and adoption. It utilises a set of prescribing indicators that have been developed as part of a programme of work to reduce medication errors and promote safer use of medicines, dispensing, administration and monitoring. The purpose of the indicators is to identify hospital admissions that may be associated with priscribing that potentially increases the risk of harm, and to quantify patients at potentially increased risk.